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Pollution Prevention Grants Program


The Pollution Prevention Grants Program was enacted under the Pollution Prevention Act 1990. This intends to provide technical assistance and/or training to organisations about implementing source reduction approaches to increase the development, adoption, and market penetration of greener products and sustainable manufacturing practices. Organisations can seek to save money by adopting source reduction approaches, whilst also reducing their environmental footprint to partake in the global fight against climate change to help protect human health and the environment.

The technical assistance and/or training provided must use pollution prevention techniques to reduce and/or eliminate pollution from air, water, and/or land prior to performing recycling, reuse or clean up.

The main aims of the program:

  • To help businesses adopt pollution prevention techniques into day-to-day operations to reduce and/or eliminate harmful pollutants from entering the air, water or land;
  • To encourage education and/or training in P2/source reduction techniques by adopting one or more of the Program’s National Emphasis Areas, which can be accessed here;
  • To support pollution prevention information sharing of best management practices and innovation among States, federally-recognized tribes, local technical assistance programs, businesses, and industry in order to replicate work of others

Available Funding

The awards granted under the Pollution Prevention Grants Program may potentially be in the range of $40,000 – $500,000 issued over a two-year funding period. During the 2018-19 financial year, the Environmental Protection Agency awarded 47 grants to support a two-year funding period, totalling $9,366,519‬.

Matching Requirements 

The statutory match/cost share requirement for the Pollution Prevention Grants Program is authorized by the Pollution Prevention Act 1990. Eligible awardees receiving grant funds are required to match federal funding by at least 50 per cent. As such, the Environmental Protection Agency will provide half of the total allowable project costs and the grantee will provide the remaining half. These matching requirements are mandatory.

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