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National Environmental Information Exchange Network Grant Program

About the Program

The Exchange Network (EN) was launched in 2002 to foster better environmental management and decision-making through increased access to timely, high quality environmental information. The framework adopted allows organizations to exchange data over the Internet regardless of the specific information technology used.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Exchange Network Grant Program is soliciting project applications using the Environmental Information Exchange Network to:

  • Facilitate sharing of environmental data, especially through shared and reusable services.
  • Streamline data collection and exchanges to improve its timeliness for decision-making.
  • Increase the quality and access to environmental data through discovery, publishing, outbound analytical services so it is more useful to environmental managers.
  • Develop foundational EN shared services to reduce burden and avoid costs for co-regulators and the regulated community.
  • Expand and improve participation in the EN by strengthening the requisite information management and technology capabilities for interested parties to fully participate in the Exchange Network

Grant Program Funding History and Details

Between Fiscal Year 2001 and 2019, the EPA has provided approximately $236 million for State, Tribal and Territorial awards and associated program support through grant programs.

Applicants applying under an individual opportunity may request up to $200,000 in funding.

Applicants applying under a partnership opportunity may request funds up to $400,000.

Note that the Environmental Protection Agency will only consider applications for partnership projects if the project’s work is intended to be nationally scalable, to give these projects the best opportunity to succeed on the national/regional scale.

Exchange Network Program Priorities

The Exchange Network Grant Program Solicitation Notice requests states, tribes and inter-tribal consortia and territories to submit applications with goal(s) supporting the EN priorities. The priorities are:

  • Priority 1: Integrate foundational EN services into environmental business processes.
  • Priority 2: Eliminate industry paper reporting and expand e-reporting among co-regulators.
  • Priority 3: Expand data access and availablity.
  • Priority 4: Improve environmental management through advanced data monitoring and transmittal processes.
  • Priority 5: Augment the information management capacity of EN partners.

Applicants are encouraged to specifically state which EN priorit(ies) they are applying.

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