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Healthy Homes Demonstration Grant Program


The Healthy Homes Demonstration Program has been reinstated in 2020, and is authorized under the Housing and Urban Development Act 1970. The program seeks to address multiple residential health and safety hazards, including mold, carbon monoxide, home safety hazards, pesticides and allergens (from pets and pests).

Program Objectives

  • Carry out direct remediations where housing-related hazards may contribute to children’s diseases
  • Deliver education and outreach activities to protect children from housing-related hazards
  • Build capacity to assure Healthy Homes projects are sustained

Eligible Applicants

The Healthy Homes Demonstration Grant Program awards grants to not-for profit, for-profit firms located in the United States, State and Local Governments, federally recognized Indian Tribes, and colleges and universities. Individuals are not eligible to apply.

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