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Energy Catalyst Programme


The Energy Catalyst programme supports UK-based businesses and researchers to develop innovative, market-focused energy technologies to tackle the need for clean and affordable energy.

Businesses can apply into funding competitions to get a grant to carry out an innovation project, from early feasibility studies through to late-stage prototyping and demonstators, to quickly bring innovative new energy solutions to market.

The Energy Catalyst is specifically interested in projects that tackle the challenges cost, emissions and security.

The programme is run by Innovate UK and is co-funded by partners including the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, the Department for International Development and the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.


  • Businesses of any size can apply for the grant. The company must be based in the UK and intend to carry out the project there.
  • The business can work alone or collaborate with others.
  • Businesses may receive funding for any stage of the innovation lifecycle. This includes early-stage (e.g. feasibility projects), mid-stage (e.g. lab studies, simulation) or late-stage projects (e.g. prototyping, pilot testing).

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