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Business and Industry Transformation Incentives (BITI)

  • Who for? Queensland businesses with growth potential and looking to undertake projects that are highly innovative or that have the potential to transform their industry.
  • What for? Just about any project associated with innovation, increasing productivity, export growth or building regional business – but not for planning activities, feasibility studies, individual product promotion, provision of working capital or routine operating costs.
  • How much? Incentives of between $30,000 and $250,000, but businesses that receive grants are required to contribute at least an amount equal to the project.
  • When does it close? Five funding rounds are conducted throughout year.
  • We say: The Queensland Government talks about wanting to become the “smart state”, and with this program it puts its money where its mouth is. Big dollars, but the requirement to supply matched funding means it is more appropriate for more established businesses.

We will work with the Brisbane office of Swanson Reed to submit the relevant documentation to Queensland Government.