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Biomedical Catalyst


This fund provides help to business testing and developing innovative health care products, services or processes. The aim of it is to innovate and improve in the healthcare sector, and to support academically and commercially led research and development.

The Biomedical Catalyst involves four competitions.

  1. The Feasibility award – projects with a clear concept, but not validated technology.
  2. Primer award – funding for conducting a technical evaluation of an idea through to proof of concept in a model system.
  3. Early-stage award – projects with technology that has been validated in a laboratory (or similar) and will, at the end of the project, be ready to be demonstrated in a relevant environment.
  4. Late-stage award – projects that involve testing a well-developed concept and build on prior credible research on a product prototype or process

The projects must relate to certain themes, meaning applicants must develop innovative technologies or processes for:

  • disease prevention, proactive health management and chronic conditions,
  • earlier and more accurate detection of disease, and
  • tailored treatments that either change the underlying disease or offer potential cures.


To apply, businesses must be: